The Incredibles 2 Review

Of late I’ve been feeling Disney Pixar films fall into one of two categories, those that deserve a sequel that ultimately doesn’t show up for decades plus, such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and of course The Incredibles. Along with those that Pixar seem to throw out as many sequels and spin-offs as possible despite not really standing out in the first place a la Cars and Planes. In this case we’ve waited 14 years since the original Incredibles for the sequel, in the same time there have been three Fantastic Four films which failed to even remotely capture the same level of quality as the original Incredibles, despite their overwhelming similarities.

But here we are in 2018 with a much anticipated sequel, which fortunately delivers even more than the original.  A sequel which strives to stand out from its amassed range of superhero film rivals, doing so not with grander action sequels or more ludicrous villains but with heart, character development and heap of social commentary on gender inequality, stay at home dads and the effects of stress, all of this dealt with in a very touching fashion that should be seen to be appreciated.

The sequels shifts much of the action, events and story on to Mrs Incredible / Elastigirl this time round as she drives to bring superheroes back into the light through a series of publicity stunts, the 14 year gap has done wonders for these action scenes as they both thrilling and imaginative. The story however is probably the weakest part of the Incredibles 2, while its entering and brings the rest of the films events together it does hang on a reveal most will see coming a mile away – that said I didn’t mind one bit.

The films highlights for me though were whenever the focused shifted to Jack-Jack and his family’s discover of his broad range of powers that were teased in the original film and Jack-Jack Attack short on the original’s dvd release. These scenes are slapstick gold as Mr Incredibles tries desperately to handle a super who still needs his nappy changing, it’s also during these moments that fan favourites Frozone and Edna Mode make their reappearances.

This is one sequel that does the near impossible, steps up from the original and does so with so much style; and panache as Edna might say; it has something for those sick of superhero films and something for those that can’t get enough, most importantly however it finds its own to stand out in our superhero generation, a must watch!

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