Top 5 Games of E3 2018

With all the hubbub about E3 starting to die down I wanted to look back at a couple of my favourite showings from this year’s event. Overall I didn’t find myself particularly overwhelmed at any point this year, I was glad to see a reduction in the usual tech-talk; especially from Microsoft, in favour of putting the games front and centre where they needed to be. The biggest issue was that the majority of these games came with very little wow factor, offering the usual splurge of sequels and spin-offs we were all expecting.  Despite this there were still a few games that I keen to get my hands on, so here we go:


1. Beyond Good and Evil 2 – To be clear I never played the original BG&E, I understand it to be a cult classic well loved by its fan base but beyond that I know little about its characters or settings. Though between last year’s E3 and this years they have released two exceptionally well crafted cinematics to wet our appetite, crafting a world I’m keen to dive head first into. Add to that some funky looking in game footage the developers have been teasing us with and think we’re looking at a future game of the year right here.


2. Spider-Man – I don’t feel the need to explain myself too much here, it’s Spider-Man and its made by Insomniac Games the creators of Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive and the original Spyro the Dragon games – anyone who knows about the games industry will know why this could well be the finest superhero game of all time. 


3. Cyberpunk 2077 – At long last we see a little more on this elusive game, we still no very little about it other than it’ll be a RPG-FPS hybrid from the creators of The Witcher 3. CD Project Red; the company behind the game; have been growing silently through the Witcher franchise over the last decade drastically improving from one game to the next, the best part being them not being tied down to any of the major games companies along themselves to take the time to make the perfect game – certainly another future game of the year right here. 


4. Fallout 76 – Now I wasn’t a huge fan of Fallout 4 I got a bit bored in its vast brown wasteland, along with its dull central plot and characters. The biggest issue the franchise has is making you want to play in that world, rather than the lush more inviting world of the Elder Scrolls franchise so what better way to make it enticing than to change the way you play in it. Fallout 76 changes the format to what its always claimed to be a survival game, gone is the ability to drastically out level the creatures of the wasteland now the greatest threat is man. How you’ll feel about this game will depend on how to feel about the recent popularity of survival style games akin to Rust and Ark, if they’re not your cup of tea I wouldn’t imagine this would be, but for me I’m looking forward to finding a few friends and conquering the wasteland. 


5. Ghosts of Tsushima – The final slot of this list was tricky for me, I wanted to put Halo Infinite, though as its trailer was more of a tech demo than an actual indicator of what to expect from it I felt I couldn’t; much the same as I couldn’t for Elder Scrolls VI. GoT offers a fresh often neglected area of history for games to play around with, its feels like after asking for a Assassin’s Creed samurai game for so many years the developers are finally listening. It seems to offer a blend of combat and stealth game play in some stunning looking environments, it’ll be nice to see samurai combat being done just right for a change so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. 

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