New Beginnings

Hi there, firstly I want to say thanks for coming here and reading this. This will be my new page for all my thoughts and opinions on the latest on a variety of topics, the primary idea being to hold my reviews.

Writing reviews has been a hobby of mine for a number of years, and while I’ve attempted to put up posts and keep them regular in the past life always seemed to get in the way. So I’ve gone all in on this occasion, beyond this post I will be posting up several theatre reviews I’ve done over the last six months or so. These reviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing as part of a Young Critics programme I’ve been part of through that time. The plan, however, is ultimately to spread to doing reviews for my favourite forms of media – these being video games, films, theatre and perhaps some tv.

My goal going forward from this point is to put up a new review weekly to begin with, along with other posts such as top 10 lists or opinion posts on the going ons of the aforementioned industries. As for my hopes with the site, it is primarily to collect my own work along with to push myself to creating more regular content, with an average word goal of 650 words for reviews.

If you have any thoughts or ideas you want to throw my way, please go for it, all I ask is it’s kept friendly.

Once again thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope you enjoy what I put out!


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